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Anytime Pilot Car Service Available Anytime!!!

Please also follow me at :

I have 6 immediate drivers available for any of your over size loads.

All Pilots i have personally trained.

All have full insurance and have been certified.

Billing can go through me or if you prefer each pilot can bill you.

I am very professional and all of my pilots also.

I do like to follow up with the customer occasionally to see how things went. I feel customer relations is very important.

If you have a Pilot you prefer you may ask for them on your next load. (if available they will be sent)

I have 4 pilots that go out of state.

2 pilots that stay within California for Local Customers or Local work.

I am very honest and business mindend.

I am very reasonable and I will make every effort to make sure your job is taken care of with no problems.

Please feel free to contact me for Pilots ANYWHERE. I have a Very large network of Pilots and if I cant find one i will post on LOAD BOARD for you as a courtesy for you using my services in the past.

Please call us for all your OVERSIZE NEEDS.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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