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Escort Vehicle Company

An Escort Vehicle Company Certified for Your State

When you are building big, you may need oversized components delivered to the job site. Once you have the hauler lined up, it is time to hire an escort vehicle company like Anytime Pilot Car Service. If the dimensions of the truck, trailer, and load exceed DOT regulations, you may need one or more lead and chase trucks to help your module arrive on time and without damage. We not only clear the lane by riding ahead, but constantly coordinate with the hauler driver, the transportation department, and your office while on the road.

Make the Transfer Safely with Our Escort Car Driver Nevada

Your delivery may be making trips across several different states. Make sure that you have an escort car driver Nevada lined up that is familiar with the highways, interstates, and rural roads that you will be navigating. We have trucks located throughout California, Nevada, and other states, so there is always a driver that knows of road construction, changes in traffic patterns, and local road regulations. Your package will avoid running afoul of potholes and narrow bridge embankments when you work with us.

Ready to Cross State Lines while Following all Rules and Regulations

Our chase and lead trucks are all outfitted with the required flashing yellow beacon lights, supersized signs, traffic cones, flares, and stop signs so that if you run into trouble on the road, we can help other travelers stay safe. If you are running an extra long haul, we can provide driving teams able to trade off while still keeping your oversized load moving. We have decades of experience keeping our clients mobile while providing the extra set of eyes to stay safe.

Give our office a ring today! Anytime Pilot Car Service likely has a pilot truck ready to roll right near you.

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