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Oversize Load Escort

Height Pole Pilots Clearing the Road Ahead

Is the new module for the factory due to leave the plant soon? When it measures well over fourteen feet tall, you will need the assistance of height pole pilots before it ever leaves the parking lot. Anytime Pilot Car Service is able to provide a height pole pilot and truck in addition to required lead or chase vehicles. Your pilot will measure the height of the loaded truck, check the proposed route, and drive the path ahead of the convoy to measure all potential obstacles from electric wires to signs to aging bridge abutments.

Select Your Oversize Load Escort with One or Two Pilot Trucks

While state regulations will indicate whether you need just one or both a lead and chase pilot truck for an oversize load escort, you can always use your own best judgement. When your load is scheduled to travel through rural roads, town centers, or across the edge of suburban developments, it may help your truck avoid trouble by having an additional pilot car on hand. Every one of our pilot trucks stays in constant contact with the other drivers and your office using CB radios.

Coordinating with Local Utilities when Your Load is Extra Tall

If your height pole pilot does determine that there are one or more obstacles on the route, they will work with utilities and transportation departments to have the problem moved during the trip. We understand in these instances that timing is absolutely crucial and will work to orchestrate the move with as few impediments as possible. We may even suggest a longer route that avoids such time consuming and often costly problems.

Anytime Pilot Car Service operates height, lead, and chase pilots all up and down the West Coast and are registered in multiple states. Call us today for a quote!

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