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Driver Replacement

Pilot Car Services Nevada Protecting Your Load Arriving from the Coast

Did the next part of your new wind turbine arrive at the port? Perhaps you are installing new modules at the factory. All these items will be transported across the country on an oversized hauler. Once you reach the Nevada border, you will require pilot car services Nevada like Anytime Pilot Car Service. Our drivers have years of experience rolling over the roads of our beautiful state, and can lead the way to expedite your supersized delivery while staying out of crowded highways and city streets.

A Driver Replacement Familiar with Local Roads and Regulations

Even if you have a pilot car coming up from the south or from California, their pilot driver may not know the lane changes and merging patterns unique to the more populated areas of Nevada. That is why we offer driver replacement services, as well. Keep the same lead and chase vehicles, but add a local face behind the wheel who regularly works with the department of transportation. This can smooth the process of working an extra long load through the edges of the city while causing excessive delays for commuters.

All Trucks Equipped with Necessary Lights, Signs, and Equipment

We have multiple pilot trucks located throughout Nevada and California, so you never have to wait long for our escort to arrive. Each of our vehicles features the oversized signage for Wide Load and Tall Load. You will find a complete selection of safety equipment in the back, so the driver is able to provide assistance if the load needs to pull over during the trip. We use the best practices for escort vehicles as set forth by the Federal Highway Administration.

If you need a pilot car in Nevada, give Anytime Pilot Car Service a ring today.

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