Lead Pilot Cars California

Lead Pilot Cars California Cut through Crowded Freeways

Ease your oversized load through freeways and around city limits when you hire lead pilot cars California from Anytime Pilot Car Service. Your lead car helps the driver of your oversized load avoid crossover traffic for exit ramps and better anticipate slow downs. Each of our pilot trucks includes the required flashing beacon on the roof so your truck and other drivers are alerted to the presence of load that may be a little wider or longer than expected. With years of experience under their belt, our local trucks know all the quirks of the freeways surrounding all the big cities from Sacramento to Los Angeles.

Chase Pilot Cars California to Protect Your Overhang

Once you have an oversized load that is wider than fifteen feet, you may be required to use both lead and chase pilot cars California. While remaining right of the center line, the chase and lead car work in tandem to protect all edges of your load. From over long cranes to pumps to modular home pieces, everything is easier to transport across the Golden State when you have an experienced pilot car working with you.

Connected with Your Driver Every Mile of the Trip

Our pilot truck drivers use CB radios to remain in constant contact with your truck driver, your office, and transportation officials during the entirety of the trip. If the load encounters any kind of obstacle or difficulty, you will be able to effectively work to resolve the situation as fast as possible. We review the projected route for every load to verify bridge clearances, road construction, or potential overhead wires that can tangle a taller unit.

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